How do I get a monthly salary from Google Maps only profit from the Internet?

How do I get a monthly salary from Google Maps only profit from the Internet?

How do I get a monthly salary from Google Maps only profit from the Internet?

The prevailing belief is that Google Maps is only used to search for places or know the proper walking routes and the time it takes to reach a particular destination, but no, I found that I can earn from it an amount that may reach nine thousand US dollars per month.

At first, the application is entered on the phone or the Google Maps website, then choose the country in which you reside, and then the country in which you wanted to work: New York because its residents speak the English language that they master.

I searched for commercial projects that involve high profit, meaning that I have identified the commercial operations through which the profit for each business is high; Because the stores get each customer an amount ranging from five to ten dollars.

If it is a store that manufactures home swimming pools, manufactures roofs, or sells kitchens, or the person is a lawyer or dentist, here they get a single customer from 500 to 1000 dollars, and it is possibly more than that.

In my case, I targeted stores that sell kitchens, and then I followed the following steps:

1 Search by application for the word kitchen shop.

2 I noticed a lot of stores in this field in New York, and I looked at them to provide e-marketing through social media platforms for them.

3 I went to the website of one of these stores and took into account the ones with few reviews, and their website is of poor quality and does not spread on social media.

4 I contacted that store and told it that there are many competitors in its field in the same area on the Internet, in addition to that they have multiple sales lines, and customers can access their accounts before going to them to buy quickly or deliver their order at home without having to bother to go down.

5 From here it was agreed that I would do e-marketing for him on various platforms after he got to know my experience in that field, and I started getting $9,000 a month from home only thanks to Google Maps, which I thought would only help me know the ways when I go out.

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How to earn from Google Maps with points

By showing you how I can get a monthly salary from Google Maps for only $9000 profit from the Internet, there are Google points known as local guides points, which you can benefit from during your travel to any country for work or tourism, and which you can get from the following:

1 Reviews or rating places.

2 put pictures of him.

3 Answer questions about a specific place or area.

4 Ensure the reliability of the information.

5 Put comments longer than 200 characters.

6 Adding roads leading to that place to facilitate the access of those wishing to it.

This party I came to know from the Internet, which I did not do personally, where the profit is made by converting the profit of points into financial profit after adding a map to Google Maps, by following the following conditions:

1 Gmail must be owned.

2 Putting the means of communication when you want to add a restaurant or workplace.

3 You have to put the website of the place.

4 Check the exact location; Otherwise, your ad will be rejected.

5 Add the map in one of the specified categories, such as real estate, shipping companies, marketing, banks, or hospitals.

Why did you choose to profit from Google Maps?

He won $9,000 as a monthly salary from Google Maps, an idea that came to my mind after learning about the advantages of those maps, which I realized their great benefit to me, and I remind them of the following points:

1 The ability to browse without the presence of the Internet, where the individual can navigate to the place he wants without the Internet, with downloading and keeping the map of the area, but here it does not provide an alert when crowded.

2 It also provides all places close to hospitals, picnic spots, and restaurants.

3 The location can be shared with another person, so all the steps are constantly tracked, but that feature is for a certain period determined by the other party.

4 Through it, the individual can remember the place where he left his car if he specified the place earlier, and he is alerted about the absence of it for a long time.

5 A person can know the waiting time at the restaurant who wants to eat his favorite meal, or book to avoid the long wait that makes you hate the place.

6 Being able to change the time for high-accuracy results based on traffic and some other variables.

7 If your phone is a pixel type, you can use augmented reality to reach the correct destination through the phone's camera, and here the blue lines showing directions appear.

Methods of marketing services on the Internet

While I mention to you how I get a monthly salary from Google Maps for only $9000 profit from the Internet, I will show you the marketing mechanisms that my friends and I used in the following paragraphs:

1- Alexa chrome

I was able to identify the site’s ranking through which I added it to my device, and from here I learned about the site’s ranking in search engines and the number of visits it has, by entering the site and clicking on that addition.

By using this feature, I was able to inform the client of what is going on on his site, and from here I began to propose to him a lot of profit methods, including the creation of the largest site for him, and accounts for his field of work on all social media sites and linking them to each other in exchange for the monthly salary.

2- Facebook Ad library

One of my friends tried this method, and he told me that after searching for the name of the activity on Facebook, it shows whether or not there are advertisements for it on the platform, and when he did not find it, he created the new page and created the advertisement funded with it for $150, from which he received a monthly salary $1,000 plus his base salary from Google Maps.

He also told me that if you do not know well about increasing the number of followers on the page, you can contact a social media company about this, and tell them that you want to add 5,000 likes for a hundred dollars.

The profit from Google Maps is done easily, and I advise you from my experience to start in that field, because of its ease as there is no need for high skills, only simple experience in e-marketing and the availability of Gmail.

Earn a Google Maps course for $340 per week

Benefit from the Google Maps course: the way you can earn more than $500 per week, and you do not need to have a great experience in this field at all. Then your earnings will increase in the weeks you will spend working on Google Maps, and this is the Google Maps earnings course for the way to earn money for everybody who wants to job and get money.

Many looked for a profession from which they can earn, some turned to YouTube and suffered a lot until they reached the conditions required to achieve YouTube income, and when he started, he saw that there was not enough money. to compensate him for the effort he made in creating videos, and he did not like the salary at all.

YouTube's profit is very little and you need a lot of audiences to earn a lot of money, and also Facebook, many of us have come to him and tried to meet the conditions to be able to start creating a live broadcast through which you can earn money, but it was not easy either, then you need an average audience you also need someone to help you in these broadcasts

And this also did not meet the purpose at all, and some went to blogger and found that this profession is very difficult and complex, no one who knows how to write has not succeeded, no, on the contrary, you must have a lot of experience in the field of blogging and writing, and must also have a lot of patience. Blogger is one of the most difficult professions that need experience and a lot of patience to earn money.

That's why we would like to offer you a simple and easy to implement the course, through which you can get your money requirements and you can always work on it and earn a lot of money. Hopefully, the course is very easy and simple, not complicated at all. You just need to concentrate on the steps and then go and earn money as simple as that. Yes, seriously.

Working on Google Maps

Google Maps Profitability Course: I am going to explain to you a strategy to earn profits in a very easy way, and what you have to do is to apply this strategy and you will see the wonderful results, of course, you can use this strategy through the computer and also the smartphone or laptop to work.

In the Google Map earningss course, and through this course, you can earn more than 1000 dollars per month, simply, friends and your monthly earnings can reach much more than this. Some earn more than 20 thousand dollars. per month and there are more and reach 100 thousand dollars. Google Maps earnings course.

Benefit from local guides

A very good time that many and many of the great earnings through the Internet have benefited from, and so we have and you will start making money. you will be ready to start making money with Google and get good earnings and you can develop in the field.

To have a great experience in this field and earn very high numbers in the field of e-marketing earnings, after a while, you can build a small e-marketing company and you can build without the need for capital from this course, Google map earnings, e-marketing and much more.

After learning how to profit from e-marketing and Google Maps, you can hire clients to work on the project that is being created to help you build this small business and make money.

In e-marketing, and before going to the Google Maps profit course, you must know First, we must know what Google Maps is and the beautiful functions that many misuses in their daily lives, especially in European countries, travelers and tourists.

Google Maps in English (Google My Maps): It is a Google service like Google Play that gives you a map of the world and you can rely on it for navigation, tourism, and travel around the world with very high accuracy, through which you can reach the area and neighborhood you want to go to, the restaurant or hotels.

All the user needs to move around the province and the country, and it is a free service. Everyone can benefit from all the features offered by Google for free. You can download the Google Maps application through the Android smartphone, iOS, or iPhone, or Google Chrome Internet and can.

Also through Google Maps, you can visualize the images of the area or store where you want to go with great accuracy. This service depends on satellites. For this reason, Google Maps provides a highly accurate service and a very excellent quality. The Google Maps service also provides navigation without an Internet connection, thus facilitating the process of use for the user.

Now, how you can profit through the Google Maps Profit Course: The work will be very simple and very, just what you have to do is to visit the places and add institutions, squares, stores, restaurants, health clinics, hotels, hospitals and other places that are not on the Google map, like

You know that the world is very big and it is not possible to add everything, every place, and store on the maps, but when people contribute to adding places, institutions and so on, this map is almost complete, right? and when you add some places, you will get a fee for each place and you can also photograph

Places that have no photos and add them on the map and with this you help to build Google Maps and this will give you a lot of money through it, but before you add anything you must register in the local guides through the Google service

How to make money with Google

I will tell you how you can earn money through several things that you can do easily and some conditions that you must respect and do not omit these conditions because these conditions are necessary to not be banned at all from Google Maps, and this is what you must do.

Conditions that must be met in the course of earnings from Google Maps: You must have a working Gmail account and have no problems.

When you add the place in Google Maps, this place must be accurate and you must add all the data for this area and everything related to the place you add or even the road, just add all the information about the place only.

Google Maps monthly salary

If you want to add a restaurant, hotel, or institution, you should add its number, working hours, and all contact information.

Add a website or email, if available.

And when you add the place and all the information about the place on Google Maps, you should specify the category of the place, such as a restaurant, hotel, hospital, or bank.

And this is all you can do to earn money. It's easy and requires no complexity. Just add the information you are asked for and respect the rules and conditions of use on Google Maps and you will succeed. Of course, I know some are going to make things difficult, but it is not difficult at all, just have a little patience and you will win.

Money in your daily life and you will succeed. Everyone else has made it. Is it better than you? Surely not, you can do it too, friend, and it is not difficult for you to start from now to earn money. the Google Maps earning course.

Dear friends, we hope that the explanation is to your liking and we advise you to put a lot of effort into this work and learn the secrets and methods of work, and then apply what you have learned and this important part, if you do not apply what you have learned, you have not learned anything.

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