How to earn thousands of dollars from web programming

 How to earn thousands of dollars from web programming

How to earn thousands of dollars from web programming

There are many ways that you must follow to learn how to earn thousands of dollars from programming websites, and these methods are as follows:

1- Profit from programming with YouTube

It is common knowledge among many people at present that YouTube is one of the platforms through which money is earned, and this is done by choosing programming content to publish and perform well to profit from programming by YouTube, and the types of content are as follows:

Educational courses about programming, through making videos, explaining a specific programming language or a web development method, and others.

Practical explanation of a specific programming tool or clarification of specific programming concepts.

Make a video that contains your experiences with programming and talks about your journey as a programmer, and how to succeed that novice programmers should follow.

Publishing tips and instructions in the field of programming and clarifying the important points that must be followed in the event of a desire to learn to program.

2- Profit from programming by selling courses

It is possible for a person to feel when reading the sale of programming courses that this method requires a great programmer with extensive experience, but in fact, it is not a requirement that you be familiar with the entire science of programming, it can be a course for the basics only, and it targets a specific category of people.

There are some steps that you must follow to profit from selling courses, and these steps are as follows:

Choose the application or project that you have good experience with.

Submit your course based on the topic you have chosen; On popular course platforms such as Udemy - Skillshare, and you can put it on your social media platform if you have a large following.

Make sure that the course is free at first.

Advertising about the course through social media platforms.

After obtaining the different opinions of the students regarding the course, then you should make the course with a simple financial value (or the value may depend on the content of the course itself).

3- Development of mobile applications to profit from programming

There are a large number of applications on large stores such as Google Play and the App Store, which generate millions for their owners. If you are one of the people who can develop or create an application for the Android phone or iOS and put it in the aforementioned stores, this will give you a great financial return.

How to earn thousands of dollars from web programming

The application can be a game, book, or even a calculator. There are many ideas that you can implement or develop, or create a new idea that did not exist before.

You can profit from this method through ads or get paid for purchasing the application (in case the application is paid), and you will also be able to profit by the number of visits and downloading the application.

4- E-commerce is a source of profit from programming

E-commerce is one of the most profitable ways in our time because all institutions and individuals today rely on selling their products online, and certainly, this requires skilled and diligent programmers who can develop platforms for buying and selling according to the products sold on them, standards and specifications indicated by the seller.

5- Selling and developing digital programming products to profit from programming

There are a large number of digital products that a lot is looking for in the field of programming, and these digital products can be represented in the following:

Plugins for different platforms to manage different types of content.

Simple saccharin to do various tasks.

Bots are diverse and an example of them are Twitter Bots - Slack Bots - Discord Bots, which are needed a lot to complete various tasks on these services.

It is worth noting that the method of developing digital products enables you to develop products only once, but you will be able to profit from them permanently, and this was one of the best ways to learn how to earn thousands of dollars from programming websites.

6- Profit from programming by developing web applications

Some sites display simple statistics about the games and the best players in them, and among the games that are displayed on the sites is the game World Of Tanks, where this game relies heavily on competition and players always strive to improve performance and the level of numbers in it.

This is why the site displays game results continuously, and this site can be described as a site that develops the basics of the web by using the game API in addition to the PHP language and the WE PACK tool.

It is worth noting that there are some tools that you can easily profit from by developing web applications, and these applications are as follows:

Archive, whether it is for books on a specific field or the most important sites related to a specific field.

The various sites show statistics, which we have already mentioned.

Applications for simple arithmetic tools, such as the well-known calculator application.

Simple search tools that are similar to searching in e-commerce websites, Google Trends, and others.

As for the same profit methods that enable you to get money, the following:

Profit from ads.

Earning from marketing commission.

Get donations from users.

There are some requirements to profit from this idea, and these requirements are as follows:

Create a web application idea and this idea is simple.

Rely on a good database and file server.

Make sure to adjust your site from the SEO side, which enables you to get free traffic from Google.

Advertising and publishing your site, gradually, from social media platforms to launch the site.

ways to make money while building your web development portfolio

Even if you plan to eventually move into full-time salaried work, starting your career as a freelance web developer can be a great way to build your portfolio and make contacts in the industry. Unfortunately, new web developers often make the mistake of working for free, especially if they are still working on building their portfolios.

My advice: NEVER work for free. Seriously.

For one thing, your time and skills are incredibly valuable. Secondly, it can be a recipe for disaster. Even if you're working for a friend, if you're not obligated to pay them for their work, they may not feel comfortable being honest with you about whether or not they're happy with it. It's also hard to have that determination to "get the job done" if you're not getting paid. You don't need to ask for a lot but change something.

Now, with that back to us, here are 7 tips on how your ability to find paid work that shall as well add to your web expansion purse.

Make your website a masterpiece:

 your first opportunity to showcase your web development skills could be creating your freelance commercial website. As you take on new projects, you can use this website as a great place to showcase your portfolio and client testimonials that exemplify your expertise. Make sure it is relevant, modern, and up to date with current design trends. Also, existe confirmed to bind your website to your public media record.

Communicate with friends and family :

 Even if you don't have a strong portfolio, people tend to do business with people they know, like, and trust. If you have several hundred friends on Facebook, it's as if one of them (or someone they know) would be interested in having you build a website. If you're out and about, start talking about the type of work you do, essentially having soft sales conversations, which could attract potential clients.

Take advantage of LinkedIn: 

after communicating with your friends and family, you should take advantage of LinkedIn, as it is a powerful tool for connecting with peers and potential clients. Make sure your profile is up to date with the skills you bring to the table, and also link to any previous examples of projects you have completed. LinkedIn also has a job board with many freelance opportunities. You can profit from more views by retraction and participating in pertinent groups.

Avoid freelancing websites (for now): 

freelancing sites like Upwork, Elance, and Guru help connect freelancers with small design/development projects. While some developers rely on it, it can be extremely difficult to get work started, as most of the time is spent securing billable work. This is a choice, but the better option is ever over the word of pecker and single networks.

Contact local small businesses: 

most small family-owned stores do not have a web developer on staff but would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for some web development/design help. Email the owner to let them know that you are a local web developer, a fan of their business, and want to help them by extending your services at a discounted rate.

member with peers: 

Many internet developers keep saying they form more independent jobs by networking with other freelancers. Some freelancers have more work than they can take on or projects that stretch beyond their capabilities. The good news is that they are often willing to provide referrals to other freelancers they trust and respect. You can network with other freelancers through groups on LinkedIn, Google+, meetups, and sites like Web Design Forum, Freelance Gossip, and Digital Point.

set digital assistance: 

If you need anyone to rent you as a freelancer, be out. First, begin using GitHub and open release (or on your blog or as a host blogger). If you learn something new, work on a project, or write clever code, be sure to share it! Establishing his dial care is a large manner to set trustability, actually if you're fresh to the trade.

I'll let you with some other tips:

Find and develop your niche.

Keep pushing yourself to expand your technical skills.

Find new ways to build your brand

And, endure only no less, put up in yonder and be nagging.

The complete guide for freelance web developers:

 How to make money through freelance programming jobs.

It's common for developers to take the freelance route. This is true for many who have just finished freeCodeCamp and are thinking about working for themselves instead of working for "the man". It is as well real for many who take sponsor labor only are considering outlet away on your keep.

The idea of freelancing is also appealing to those who would like to earn extra money even though they are already working at a development job.

Regardless of why you decide to go out on your own, it's important to do it the right way. Doing things "the right way" can help you look like the person shown above.

Doing gear in the "improper" way can let you estimate a penny.

I'm guessing you'd rather see yourself as the former and not the latter. If you have decided to go out on your own and are not opposed to prosperity, then this guide will serve as a road map on how to get your new business up and running. It will also serve as a guide on how to manage things once you are off the ground.

For those of you who have already decided it's time to strike out on your own, let's do it.

1 Three essential rules for making money as a freelancer.

2 Planning your new business

Financing your new business

Deciding what niche you're going to serve

Determining what services to offer and pricing

Structuring your new business

A "to-do" list to plan your new business

3 Getting started with your new business

The importance of "starting right

Administrative elements to complete

Marketing items to complete

A "to-do" table to earn your affairs up and working 

4 Finding customers for your new business

The need to get customers in the short term by focusing on the long term

How to sell yourself to customers

Getting short-term customers

Building a long-term brand

A "to-do" list to get your marketing started

5 Managing your day-to-day business

Administrative and financial management

Managing your substantive work/development

A "to-do" list to make sure you properly manage your business on a day-to-day basis

When you read this guide, simply click on the "back to top" link and you'll be taken back to the roadmap. So, without further ado:

There are three essential rules for making money as a freelance developer (back to top).

The first step to making money as a freelance developer requires understanding how to make money in general. Trying to make money without understanding these fundamentals will go about as well as playing monopoly against an expert without understanding the rules of the game.

The three rules for making money are:

Understand that the amount of money (or lack thereof) you make will be directly proportional to the level of value you provide to others.

Understand that earning money requires spending time on high-value activities.

Understand that you have a full-time job as soon as you strike out on your own, regardless of whether you have clients.

Let's regard every of these on occasion.

Developers must understand that making money means providing value to others.

Most people starting a business for the first time are used to working in traditional jobs. Such work often averages getting hired per one's period. When you enter a job that pays "x" per hour, for example, you are paid "x" regardless of what you produced in that hour.

However, when you provide development services to a client, the only thing that will matter to the client is how much value you receive from them. If, for example, you are creating a website or application for a small business, what the business is willing to pay will depend on the value it expects to receive from the website or application in the future.

The price the client is willing to pay is not based on the time you spend (as is the case with hourly jobs). Instead, it is based on the increased value your customer will receive.

So, to put it bluntly, earning money means understanding that your services are about providing value to others and not about spending time.

It is also important to understand that value will always be based on the customer's perceptions and not yours. Too often, developers view a site constructed on one kind of frame as "best" than anything that looks and functions the very only is constructed on other frameworks.

However, the bottom line is that if each meets the customer's needs as well as the other, then the one that provides the most value to the customer is the one that costs the least.

How to earn thousands of dollars from web programming

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